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A human is a dark mystery to himself, if he wants to know himself, he needs others.

- Carl Gustav Jung

About me

Paulina Załęcka

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist. In my private practice, I offer psychotherapy and psychological counseling to patients. In my work I use psychoanalytic theories.

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The more a person is honest with themselves, the more likely they are to have a successful life.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is based on the assumption that the more honest a person is towards himself, the greater is his chance of a successful life.

Often, honesty about your own motives is really hard to achieve. In the therapeutic process, the goal is, among others, developing the ability to find out what is unconscious and confronting what is painful and unwanted. By realizing what parts of the psyche are denied or displaced, a huge energy can be released, previously used to defend against what is difficult.

As a result, it becomes possible to use your strength to meet internal needs leading to a more informed and satisfied life.

I believe that therapeutic relationship has an unique value in psychotherapy.

It is crucial in the treatment process. Thanks to the therapist's openness, sensitive and empathic approach, this encounter is of exceptional quality, which leads to a deep knowledge of oneself as a person and creates a chance to look at each other in relationships with others.


My services

Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is a one-on-one session with a psychotherapist, where the patient in condition of intimacy and security can discuss his thoughts and feelings.

The goal of individual psychotherapy is to discover the patients inner world and help them make changes in important areas of their life.

In individual therapy, the stability and regularity of the sessions is an important factor, as well as events that happen between the sessions, which constitute the whole therapeutic process.

Group psychotherapy

A group therapy session is a meeting of (at most) eight people and a therapist.

The group is a valuable source of information for the patient about his ways of functioning in social relations and allows to look at possible problems in relationships, as well as dysfunctional patterns of behavior.

The sessions take place regularly on the same day, at the same time.

Psychotherapy in English

Psychotherapy in English has the same goals and setting as individual psychotherapy. The only difference is that it is carried out in English. I offer this kind of therapy for foreigners living in Poland.

Online psychotherapy

The form of psychotherapy proposed to people who are not able to use stationary psychotherapy, who live abroad or for other reasons specific to them are unable to participate regularly in psychotherapy in the office.

On-line psychotherapy is not intended for every patient. In case of contraindications, the patient will be informed of them.

Tailored Business Projects

These are tailored workshops, trainings and special help focused on solving psychological problems of employees, managers and in a given team.


How can I help you?

I encourage you to start psychotherapy if you are struggling with any of the following problems in your life:

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Psychology is a science. Psychotherapy is an art.

- Nancy McWilliams


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Contact and adress

Paulina Załęcka - psychoanalytic psychotherapy Individual, group and English language therapy

Phone: +48 510 845 065

Adress: Warszawa, Mokotów

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