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Over the years of my work, I have gained a wealth of experience in providing treatment-oriented therapies to people suffering from various types of disorders.

My areas of expertise include:

Anxiety disorders

Experiencing significant anxiety or fear, often in situations that do not indicate a real threat, is a condition that interferes with many areas of daily functioning. It causes reactions in the body such as palpitations, sweating, dizziness, nausea, gastrointestinal problems, for example. Often experiencing worries such as fear of loss, rejection, injury

Mood disorders

Depending on the type of disorder, it is characterised by fluctuating, decreased or increased mood, affects activity (increased or decreased). It is characterised by a feeling of not being in control of one's mood and not understanding the states experienced.

Personality disorder

It is an established pattern of behaviour, thinking and experiencing that hinders proper and satisfactory functioning, originating in the process of personality formation.

Psychosomatic disorders

Diseases or physical ailments that have arisen as a result of psychological factors. A distinction is made between illnesses such as bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer disease, hypertension or conditions such as sleep disorders, appetite disorders and migraines.

ACoA syndrome (ACoA - adult child of alcoholics)

It is a well-established set of traits and behaviours that make it difficult to function in accordance with needs, associated with being raised in a family system in which at least one carer was dependent on alcohol. It can be characterised, for example, by excessive control of self or loved ones, anxiety, difficulty trusting in partnerships, setting boundaries, difficulty achieving job satisfaction.


A strong focus of thoughts, feelings and behaviours on the substance-dependent partner, taking control and responsibility for their actions and the consequences of their substance abuse, most often at the expense of fulfilling their emotional or physical needs.

Problems in social relationships

Difficulties in trust, creating a satisfying relationship, replicating harmful patterns of functioning, not understanding the sources of conflict in close relationships.

Adaptation disorders

A strong emotional response to a change in life that makes daily functioning difficult, difficulty adapting, responding with anxiety, apathy, depressive mood, reduced activity.

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Psychology is science. Psychotherapy is an art.

  • Nancy McWilliams
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Paulina Załęcka - psychoanalytic psychotherapy Individual, group and English language therapy

Phone: +48 510 845 065

Adress: Warszawa, Mokotów

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