Range of my services

Individual psychotherapy

The meeting between patient and therapist, is based on a conversation in an intimate and safe environment. It involves exploring the patient's inner world and helping to make changes in areas of life that are important to the patient.

An important factor is constancy, regularity of the meetings and what happens in the patient between sessions, i.e. the whole therapeutic process.

Group psychotherapy

Meeting in a patient group (maximum 8 people) together with a therapist.

The group is a valuable source of information for the patient about the way he/she functions in social relationships, it allows to look at possible relationship problems, dysfunctional behaviour patterns.

Sessions are held regularly, on the same day, at a fixed time.

Online psychotherapy

A form of psychotherapy offered to people who do not have the opportunity to receive inpatient psychotherapy, who live abroad or who, for other specific reasons, are unable to attend psychotherapy regularly in the office.

Online psychotherapy is not suitable for every patient. If there are any contraindications, the patient will be informed about them.

Psychotherapy in English

Psychotherapy for expats residing in Poland, able to communicate in English.


Offer for companies

oferta biznes

I have extensive experience in leading group workshops.

I also carry out various projects in the field of psychology for companies, who are interested:

Training in psychology and personal development

Workshops on staff development

Workshops dedicated to the special needs of companies in times of dynamic change and restructuring

Receive specialist support in the recruitment process for key management positions

I also help to identify and solve psychological problems: individual employees, managers and within a given team. I also provide support in various crisis situations.

I approach each business client individually, depending on the identified need. Please call me for more information.

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Contact and adress

Paulina Załęcka - psychoanalytic psychotherapy Individual, group and English language therapy

Phone: +48 510 845 065

Adress: Warszawa, Mokotów

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